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Svar til: Notes/Domino 8.5.3 klar til download :-)
Topic:og her lidt detaljer om den nye version
Author:Brian Cassim/CanIT
Let's wrap-up: 

Julian Buss started a great wiki about a good summary of new XPages features. 

Darren DukeMary Beth Raven and Marie Scott about the general features:
    • Ability to move server based full text indexes to another drive.
    • Machine specific policies.
    • Purge Interval Replication Control
    • Re: and Fwd: are now ignored when you sort by subject
    • New mail popup (slide-in alerts).
    • Complete control of color of unread email
    • Multiple signatures.
    • Better control of "Recent Contacts".
    • Sametime embedded is now 8.5.1 and Symphony is now 3.0
    • A tool is provided to change a single user install to a multi-user install.
    • Smart upgrade of Windows Vista and Windows 7
    • ID Vault works in Citrix XenApp
    • Dropping sessions on IMAP tasks
    • Ability to search messages by recipient and subject from the view.

Declan LynchEric Brooks and Niklas Heidloff blogged about the new features in Domino Designer 8.5.3
    • Source Control Enablement - You can now run DDE with a source control server.
    • Designer is MUCH more stable and responsive.
    • Designer now has a new "Java Design Element." This allows you to add a java class as a true design element.
    • New "XPages" Perspective.
    • Better Javascript Editor.
    • "Sign" button on all design element lists
    • Ability to control automatic popup of infoboxes
    • F2 on a design element now allows you to rename the name AND the alias.

Darren DukeNiklas HeidloffEric BrooksJulian BussDavid MarkoJohn Jardin and Declan Lynch (also here) blogged about some XPages enhancements:
    • Full text sorting
    • HTML 5 attributes added to XPages controls
    • Preloading XPages applications at client and server startup
    • Code aggregation makes JS and CSS files much faster to load
    • Dojo 1.6.1
    • Much simpler i18n support
    • Easier deployment of ExtLib and other OSGI plugins
    • Ability to disable tags around some container controls (repeat, panel, etc.)
    • Show disabled control for read only
    • New Dojo property panel for controls, so that you can set Dojo attributes more easily.
    • New performance related application property “Evaluate entire page on refresh“.
    • New “show XPage instead” property for views.
    • In the fileDownload control you can change the image and confirmation message for the “delete” action now.
    • A new event “view.postScript()” let’s you compute client side JavaScript which is executed every time a full or partial update is executed.
    • OneUI version 2.1
    • Relational database connection with Ext.Lib.
    • (BTW, Extension Library is already compiled for 8.5.3)

Ulrich Krause (a.k.a. Eknori) and Paul Mooney (and here) has blogged about Traveler enhancements:
    • Lots of enhancements in Android:
        • Android has a new set of widgets for mail and calendar.
        • Android will have multi-line signatures
        • Android Calendar enhancements
        • Android Tap to dial for calendar entries
        • Android Mail enhancements
        • Android OS 3.0 support
        • Installation improvements for Lotus Notes Traveler client for Android
        • Name Lookup enhancements for Android
        • Android chair side calendar actions
        • Android 3.0.x tablet menus
        • Domino encrypted mail support for Android
    • Reply and Forward indicators from Apple devices
    • Select which applications are allowed to sync for Apple devices
    • New security policy option which requires approval for new devices
    • Administrative approval for devices connecting to Traveler
    • Symbian^3 support (with device encryption enforcement)
    • Mail routing configuration no longer needed on the Lotus Traveler server
    • Meeting notices sent from mobile devices are now sent “from” the mobile device user
    • Name Lookup requests are now executed against the user’s mail server directory
    • Lotus Traveler data only remote wipe for Apple iOS devices
    • Domino Mail-in Database lookup
    • Group name lookup

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