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Bliv SPAM fri på under 15 minutter
Bliv SPAM fri på under 15 minutter
Sæt en hurtig stopper for at modtage irriterende SPAM, de mails der dagligt tilbyder billige kreditkort, viagra, valium, universitetsdiplomer og lave renter....

Hvordan skiller pamSentinel sig ud fra de andre produkter og er bedre?
-->...... the "community" that we use to identify and block spam. This "community" is what really sets SpamSentinel apart from the competition. It consists of 10 million people over 160 countries that daily, in real-time identify and report new spam, phishing and email borne viruses. This "community" is highly accurate and as you see does not require rules configuration, training of the system or blocking via content, subject or word.

Seneste SpamSentinel pr. 01.02.07 - Rel. 5.0:

1. Vastly Improved Notes Installer
2. Multiple and Partitioned server installer
3. Fixed Logging Problem
4. Auto-Delete Only Selected Spam Types
5. More Reporting Options (Web/Users)
6. Enabled Outbound Mail Check For Viruses
7. Native Linux Version
8. Check for BL/WL Conflicts
9. Option for Blocking Messages w/out Body/Subject
10. Secure Quarantine / SpamSentinelAdmin

yderligere info:

This update is considered critical as it fixes a crash problem that occurs in certain infrequent types of spam. V4 is also susceptible to this problem, so we recommend that all customers update this as soon as it is convenient. The installer is the same as you have already used, built into a Lotus Notes database.

Image Spam
This version improves on the blocking of image spam, but we will not be done with image spam until we block 98.5%. Image spam now equals about 30% of your spam volume, and over 70% of disk space.

Image Spam II & III
Expect two more updates over the next 2 months, each using a different technique to stop image spam. Mid February will be the first release, which captures 60 - 70% of the image spam, and another in March which should bring us very close to matching the 98.5 % block rate of text spam. The reason there will be 2 updates is that each update gets rigorous testing in the 10 million member community for 1-2 weeks to make sure the technique is reliable and that false positives are near zero.

Kontakt Brian Cassim, CanIT - tlf. 2869 1200 eller email

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